1 week to opening!

Hello, Internet, today is Wednesday, October 1st (October!!), and Give Me Back opens in ONE WEEK! Wow!

Our last Testimonial Wednesday video is from videographer James Lewis, who talks about the show, and about talking about mental illness.

Last night, we had a fundraising event at The Levee, and it was brilliant. With door prizes and silent auction items donated by For the Love of Learning and Chinched Bistro (thanks, guys!), and a lineup of amazingly talented and generous musicians (see below), we are a few hundred dollars closer to our fundraising goal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is still a ways to go on that goal, however, and if you missed last night and want to pitch in even $5 to help us make this show as good as it can be, you can do that on our crowdfunding campaign here! You can claim all kinds of awesome perks, including having your name inscribed in one of these awesome boxes we got today for our set!

Awesome boxes!

Awesome boxes!

And don’t forget to buy tickets!

Tickets Button


OOH! PS! Have you seen the Herald yet? Check out page 37!


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