Appreciating the Stage Manager

Hello, Internet, today is Friday, October 10th – STAGE MANAGER APPRECIATION DAY!

So, to her probable dismay, this blog post is dedicated to Mara Bredovskis, without whom Give Me Back would be an absolute mess.

Mara on book, Rehearsal Day 3

Mara on book, Rehearsal Day 3

For those of you who do not know, stage managers are the glue that holds a play together. There is an official-type job description here. In brief, it is the stage manager’s job to know everything, to stay on top of the logistics of making the play happen, to make sure that everyone knows where to be at what time and what’s expected of them. And then, when the show is open, they take ownership of it, oversee every performance, “call the show” (more on that later) and report to the folks who want to know how it’s going.

Stage managers often wind up doing things like props and costumes, because many productions *cough* can’t afford to hire separate people to do those things *cough*.

The stage manager is also in charge of all of the technical aspects of the show happening correctly. Usually, this means that they tell lighting/sound/projection operators when to hit the right buttons. In, say, smaller productions, however, they often wind up being the entire running crew… and this is where we get to Mara.

Mara and video editor Andrew loading in the projection screen

Mara and video editor Andrew loading in the projection screen

Give Me Back is an extremely complicated show, technically. Between projection, sound effects, voices, score, and lighting, it has – and this is a real number that I am not making up – more than 450 cues. It is a 56-minute show. That’s more than 8 cues/minute.

Without Mara, there would be no Give Me Back. She is a superhero of theatre.


So, if you know a stage manager, today is a good day to give them a hug.

And if you want to appreciate Mara specifically, then today is an excellent day to come see the show! Book tickets online or buy them at the door – we’ll see you there!

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