All our bags are packed…

Hello, Internet, today is Sunday, February 28th… the day before we start our tour. It’s been a busy few months of planning, budgeting, fundraising, budgeting, rehearsing & budgeting, but now the rentals are picked up, the flights are booked, and we’ve figured out how to fit the set into 3 boxes and a suitcase.

Give Me Back was built for this: pile into a van with 2 actors, a stage manager & a tour manager, go to schools and start a conversation about mental health. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be seeing about 2,000 students from 15 junior high and high schools in Bay Roberts, Labrador, west coast Newfoundland, Fogo Island, the Burin Peninsula and the Clarenville area.


Stage Management kit & props, looking tidy.

This was always the dream, but I admit I wasn’t sure it was possible until (honestly?) maybe a month ago. Touring a professional show is a new challenge for me, and I have relied heavily on the support and experience at the Arts & Culture Centres. They picked us up after our showcase at the Mental Health Matters provincial high school conference at Holy Heart last April, and have been working with us steadily since to make this tour possible. They are truly awesome and we are lucky to be working with them.

Here we go here we go here we go…


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