On sisterhood

Hello Internet, today is Thursday, March 5th, and tonight we open in Corner Brook.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is to celebrate the incredible things that can happen when women work together and support each other.


Original @ Pressed, 1 March 2020. Photo by Marie-Christine Bédard

Here is a timeline of things that made it possible for Original to play in Ottawa & Chelsea:

  • January/February, in St. John’s, a crackerjack team of women build and support the revised, scaled-back version of the script: director, stage manager, and designers are all women (the credits in the program are 100% female-identified);
  • December/January/February, in Ottawa, Eleanor Crowder and Rachel Eugster (who together are Bear & Co.) hustle to book venues and promote the heck out of the show to their regional audience;
  • mid-February, in St. John’s, full-out awesome stage manager Jaimie makes and delivers a clean, easy-to-use book for calling the show in Ottawa, AND sound designer Kat sends us the files we need via the internet;
  • late-ish February, blog-writer Emily interviews me for this cool piece to help with promo;
  • 27 February, Eleanor picks me up a the bus station, brings me home, and feeds me cheese (this is so very important as a step);
  • 28 February, I do a radio interview with Barb Gray on CKCU; Eleanor and I walk through the show in her living room with the book and the sound design, and when we encounter a couple of problems, we get Kat on the phone and she totally troubleshoots with us until the whole thing is working smoothly;
  • 28 February to 1 March, Eleanor and I install and run the show in 3 different non-theatrical venues like it ain’t no thang; right before the show on the 1st, director Berni texts, just to send me some love.

There is really nothing like the feeling of being loved and supported by a broad-reaching network of women, whether they have been friends and colleagues for years, or whether they are relative strangers who did a media piece, or facilitated a venue booking, or helped to spread the word. And this does not include the many women who have contributed to and supported the work as it has been and will be presented in Newfoundland.

So, with very much love, I offer this almost certainly incomplete and extremely unscientific word cloud in celebration of the sisterhood that is making this project happen.Word Art

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