Give Me Back

Jonathan and Anna are high school seniors and best friends. The world is laid open in front of them, full of possibilities. Life is just about to get started. But for Jonathan, something isn’t lining up. He’s having trouble getting anything done, he’s missing deadlines, he can no longer see the future that Anna is so excited about. And when she leaves to study at an out-of-town university, the little voice in the back of his mind that points out his failings and insecurities begins to speak out loud.

Working with For the Love of Learning, we’ve built a multi-media theatre piece about two young people dealing with the onset of schizophrenia.

Featuring Laura Huckle and Evan Mercer, with film work by James Lewis and an original score by Ian Foster.

Give Me Back is available for touring! Please contact us to inquire.



Give Me Back is produced by our partners at For the Love of Learning, Inc.