On IWD2020

Hello Internet! Today is Sunday, March 8th – International Women’s Day!

As I sit in a little rental flat in Clarenville, drinking tea and hoping that the snow outside will abate in time for us to do our performance this afternoon, I am warmed, not only by the tea and fleece blankets and and the magic of electric heaters, but by the messages of love and hope that are being posted in honour of the day.

This tremendous message from the UN Women Executive Director, for instance, doesn’t hold back about how much work there is left to do to achieve gender equality; but the message is still one of hope.

Generation Equality, the theme of this year’s IWD, is about recognizing the work of the women who came before us, and of being supportive of the work that is still to be done, acknowledging the women and girls who are picking up the torch to guide us into the coming year.

As we react to every day’s news as it comes, it’s easy to feel as if nothing will ever ever get better, or as if we are going backwards, but that simply isn’t true. Policies and attitudes have been changing, are changing, and will continue to change, because of the hard work of the women and their allies who take to the streets, write letters, deliver speeches, sign petitions, or do any or many of the infinite list of things that can have an impact.

I encourage you to check out International Women’s Day’s official website, here. And to the women who inspire, support, and motivate me: have a very good day.