Guest blog!

Welcome to our guest blog!

Today blogging, we have Laura, Evan & Crystal (because Sharon is busy driving our van and our suitcases and our tech gear across the island in a snowstorm like the superstar that she is. Picture evidence to follow.)

We started the day being sad that we had to leave Labrador but being pumped that we had an awesome breakfast that included huge deep-fried toutons.

Our Lab City experience was fantastic (if chilly), thanks to the wonderful assistance of Craig and Marty and the crew at the Lab West ACC. Craig (our self-proclaimed chauffeur) picked us up in his giant truck, which we could only recognize among all the other giant trucks in town thanks to the Star Wars paraphernalia decorating his dashboard.

Guest pushing

By this point in the tour, we’re pros at moving our boxes.

Guest hat

We arrived at the airport, got our weird bags checked through security as we all got “randomly selected” for additional searches, and were told numerous times that we might find ourselves stranded in Blanc Sablon due to weather warnings in Deer Lake. We were determined to get back to our fearless leader, so with Donatello by our side, we boarded the plane and hoped for the best.

Guest pickles

We were excited to get to Stephenville for our next leg of the tour, but also concerned about the future lack of pickles in Newfoundland.

We met a cute baby sitting in the row behind us and told him about the tour. He seemed to be a fan and was sad to see us go.

We didn’t get our staple Mrs. Vickies chips, but did get to enjoy two rounds of the PAL snack baskets.

Guest crossword

Our greatest accomplishment of the 3-leg flight, however, was this crossword.

Guest driving

We reconvened (slightly behind schedule) in Deer Lake with Sharon. She scooped us up in our new red van, and we began the last part of our journey to Stephenville through a snowstorm.

So far, we’ve been having an amazing experience on the Give Me Back tour. We’ve loved visiting corners of this province and sharing this story with over 1000 students so far. We can’t wait to continue to share this powerful show with another 1000 as we continue on through the rest of the province.

Future highlights:

  • Eating at the Fogo Island Inn (#givemesnacks)
  • Becoming Newfoundland’s best theatre bowling team (#givemestrikes)
  • Refining our crossword skills (#givemehints)
  • Finally warming up in the hot tub at The Wave Hotel (#givemehottub)
  • Exploring much more of this beautiful province and meeting new people along the way (#givemecarmanville)

Check out the past blog posts, below, to hear about our stops in Bay Roberts and Happy-Valley-Goose Bay!

Guest smiling

– Laura, Evan & Crystal