Lab West!

Hello, Internet, today is Friday, March 4th, and yesterday, we packed up and flew to Wabush.

If we had been expecting warmer weather, we were sadly disappointed. While we had occasionally remarked to each other in Happy Valley-Goose Bay that it was cold, Labrador City-Wabush is freakishly, painfully cold. I failed to take a screenshot of the weather network while it was -43, but suffice it to say that it warmed up substantially today and it looked like this (with one from HVGB for contrast):


There was only one flight, so we only got one bag of chips each, but everyone was just as pleasant as ever. Thanks PAL!

When we landed, a member of the Arts & Culture Centre staff was there to pick us up in his giant truck, which comfortably fit all 4 of us and all our luggage and gear with no issues at all. He dropped us off at the Two Seasons Hotel (we think the two seasons must be winter and summer, because it is obvious that winter is a thing here, and we hear that bakeapples and blackflies are pretty bountiful round these parts). We had time to check in and have some lunch at the (truly excellent) hotel restaurant before heading over to the theatre to load in.

LabWest roll

This roll is made in-house and is 2/3 white and 1/3 whole wheat. A modern marvel. Photo credit goes to Laura Huckle.

This was our first Arts & Culture Centre on the tour, and it did not disappoint. The theatre is a lovely 300-ish seater, with a nice deep stage and excellent acoustics. When we walked in, we felt like this was the perfect space for our little show.

LabWest ACC

Look how lovely!

Craig and Marty had us sorted out in short order. They are both pretty new to their jobs at the Centre, but their common sense can’t be beat and their enthusiasm for the theatre in general, and for this play in particular, was truly wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for better hosts.

LabWest q2q4LabWest q2q6

The big news in Labrador City is Cain’s Quest, an enormous snowmobile race around the entire circumference of the Big Land. People come in from all over the world – I can tell you for sure that the Two Seasons was jammed – to ride a 3,500km course through the wilderness in -40 degree weather.

Meanwhile, we four wusses are enjoying the fact that there is a restaurant in the hotel, so we don’t have to brave the cold to eat.