Give Me Back and the winter tires

Hello, Internet, today is Thursday, March 10th, and the Give Me Back team has been mostly “off” for the last couple of days.

As a result, I don’t have a lot of setting-up-and-doing-shows to tell you about, but I do have:


The epic adventure of Give Me Back and the winter tires

Once upon a time, a little theatre company sought to rent a minivan with winter tires. The van was to be picked up at the St. John’s airport, driven to Deer Lake to pick up the rest of the group, driven to Stephenville, and then to Fogo Island and on and on until it was eventually returned in St. John’s. The van was booked and all was well.

Then, on the crucial day when the van was to be picked up, it was not returned on time by its previous renters!

“Oh dear!” exclaimed the rental clerk! “We have a minivan that we can give you, but it does not have winter tires on it! Would you prefer an SUV with 4-wheel drive?”

Well, the SUV was examined, but it was determined that the poles for the masking would not fit into it, and so a van with all-season tires was rented. The clerk suggested that one with winter tires might be available at any one of the myriad locations on the van’s route. She also suggested that, if the driver were to wait until the airport location opened in the morning, the minivan with winter tires would likely be returned by then and could be exchanged. With that in mind, the driver pushed aside thoughts of leaving St. John’s in the very early to avoid the island-wide snowstorm that was being heralded on the news and all weather stations, and awaited the morn.

The next day, the minivan with winter tires was indeed returned! And the morning rental clerk sent it directly to be washed so that it could be exchanged. But alas, the it was not to be, for in the washbay, the minivan’s “Check Engine” light was on, and the van had an odd rattle. And so, the driver gritted her teeth and drove – very carefully and quite slowly – to Deer Lake in a snowstorm on all-season tires.

In Deer Lake, she explained the situation to the clerk at the airport there, but no minivan with winter tires was available. Instead, she offered a business card with a direct line, to check back later. The minivan took the driver and the 3 other passengers, whom it had picked up in Deer Lake, all the way to Stephenville, and rested there for the night.

Well, 2 days later, having served its purpose well in the bringing of Give Me Back from the hotel to the Arts & Culture Centre and back, the minivan took the driver and two potential secondary drivers to the rental location in Stephenville, where a van with winter tires had been promised. But alas! This van, when it was returned, was flagged for a safety recall, and thus could not be given to the intrepid travelers. Nor could the location add secondary drivers, for lo, the rental system that the airports use is a different one that the rest of the rental locations, and because the rental was made at the St. John’s airport, only Deer Lake airport could add drivers.

And so it was that, after much toil, on Tuesday, March 8th, in the afternoon, a minivan with winter tires was acquired from the Deer Lake airport, drivers added, and all the gear and persons transferred. And the Give Me Back company drove on to Grand Falls-Windsor in comfort and safety.


Aside from the van thing, though, we have had a lovely couple of days. The rest of the company were kind and patient enough to give me 3 hours of skiing on Marble Mountain, which made me about as happy as a bowl full of clams.

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And we had our first no-load-in-no-show-and-no-travel-proper-day-off yesterday in Grand Falls-Windsor, where we stumbled upon the best Indian food any of us have ever eaten in Newfoundland and Labrador, tried to go bowling but found that there was a league taking up every lane (in the middle of the day on a Wednesday), so went back later and bowled our hearts out. There was also an arcade.

Dayzoff arcade

Laura won us some gumballs.

And after a lovely evening of leftover Indian food and cards, we turned in, looking forward to a trip to Fogo Island in the morning.