Give Me Back is Back

Hello Internet! Today is Friday, May 26th, and we’re getting the band back together!

Through no small effort from pals at the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre, we are headed to Twillingate next week for a tiny, 3-show tour!

June 1, 9AM: J. M. Olds Collegiate

June 1, 7PM: J. M. Olds Collegiate – open to the public!

June 2, 1PM: NWI Academy

We are so grateful for the chance to come together again!

In preparation for this tiny tour, our boxes needed a bit of love (upside of a cardboard set: super-portable; downside of a cardboard set: wears with age), and we had to rebuild some lids. Our amazing set designer, Mark, just became a new dad and wasn’t up to painstakingly cutting out and folding cardboard, so we were super lucky to have the help of some students from Holy Heart of Mary High School!

Kat boxes

Producer Kat is one with the boxes – pre awesome student help. Photo by Gemma Hickey

All the lids

2.5 hours of work by 4 amazing students later – look at all the lids! Photo by Kathryn Burke

We are also benefiting from an amazing program by Business & Arts NL, which has found a pop-up art space and is loaning it out to the art-making folks of St. John’s FOR FREE – allowing us to rehearse all day Monday and Tuesday in the same location! (If you have never produced a play where you were borrowing spaces and routinely had to load in at the beginning of every rehearsal and load out at the end of every rehearsal, it is not easy to comprehend the extreme luxury of being able to come back to the same place, leave things there, etc. So you will have to trust me. It is an Extreme Luxury.)

We are so lucky to have this opportunity, and to pull in so much help from our amazing community to bring this little play to the folks who want to see it.

We’ll keep you posted as we gear up next week! Give Me Back is back, baby!


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